Raise Your Paws!

A New Friend for the Shelter and Auxiliary

Sharon and her staff are always supporting the Auxiliary Events such as our yard sales, bartender night and other events, but it is what they do on their own which is so outstanding.

You will always find a filled donation jar on Sharon’s desk from the day she opened she has agreed to push donations for the Shelter. Her staff comes up with creative ways to do so such as Christmas Time and her biscuit tree. A client makes a donation and gets a dog bone and is able to put their dogs name on the tree. In 2010 they made almost $100 doing this, so for 2011 they are putting their tree up early.

Sharon makes flyer’s asking clients to donate items very necessary for the shelter such as paper towels, kitty litter, laundry detergent, etc. The flyers are stapled to the clients receipt and the donations flow through her business.

I normally pick up the supplies and twice my trunk was loaded with dog food, kitty litter, blankets, doggie treats, and other supplies. Sharon and her staff are all dog and cat owners and want to help the shelter whatever they can.

They realize the dogs and cats at the shelter don’t have people like themselves to take care of the animals so they do what they can to support our efforts. You can follow Sharon’s creative ideas on face book at Sharon’s Pet Grooming. On the sight she lets people know they can drop off donations at her store, she also does a great job letting people know what the shelter needs.

We are so pleased to have Sharon and her staff as partners in helping our Shelter. They do such a great job and we want to recognize them and thank them for all they do.

Wish we had more people like Sharon, but from the Shelter and the Auxiliary, we THANK YOU, and wish many more years of success!

Maria Wolfe

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